Sorry Guys, You Don't Really Burn That Many Calories During "Bedroom Time"

Image via YouTube

Just when you thought your day was going great, I had to drop this little info on you to bring you back down to earth and remind you that, nope, sex shouldn't be considered a workout—so stop pounding beer and get your ass to the gym.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2013, via LADbible, sex lasts about six minutes per "session," meaning you're only burning off a measly 21 calories while you're thrusting, she's moaning and you're both sweating.

For those who have unreal stamina, though, there's good news, because WebMD estimates that 30 minutes of sex can burn anywhere between 85 and 100 calories, so maybe you should start practicing tantra or something in order to last longer if you want to brag about losing weight during the dirty.

Still not convinced that doctors who are really smart know what they're talking about? There's a sex calculator you can check out to see if you're burning a little bit more. Let's be honest, though, sex shouldn't be your only way of getting cardio.

H/T LADbible