MMA Fighter Almost Loses His Manhood In The Most Intense Groin Shot Ever

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I'm a woman and watching this video hurt me. That being said, please proceed with caution. It's not easy to watch a man being brought to his knees in a matter of 20-seconds in what appears to be the shattering of his penis. Go ahed and take a look, then we can discuss.

Alright, so as for the background, these two large, nearly naked men are Myung Hyun-Man and Aoir Gele. Myung Hyun-Man, the "Iron Gentleman" is the kicker of the nuts and Aoir Gele, the "Heavyweight Supernova" is the receiver of the devastating (low) blow.

Personally, I think Aoir Gele looks smug AF. In fact, it almost looks like he' trying not to laugh. I get it, it's MMA! This isn't an Elementary School dodgeball league, but Myung is definitely not going to be able to have children now! Hang on, I'm going to Google him. I want to see if he's married. Okay, it appears that information is not easily discoverable on the internet, but still! If he is married, I feel bad for his old lady. His man parts will not be working 100% for quite some time.

My initial confusion directly followed the kick when Myung grabs his junk and it sort of looks, uh, hard. I realize now it was his cup. Thank God he was actually wearing one, but unfortunately it didn't appear to have done much. Actually, I think Gele's kick shattered that bad boy. Could you imagine having a foot that powerful? I can barely carry in Amazon deliveries from my porch without feeling faint. Here's looking at you, South Korean MMA fighters, you're a tough breed.

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