SpaceX Finally Test Fired The World's Most Powerful Rocket, Falcon Heavy, And It Was F'in Awesome (Video)

Image Via YouTube

Before we take off (pun intended) talking about the SpaceX Falcon Heavy test fire, it's important to that you guys understand the magnitude of this machine. Titled "The Worlds Most Powerful Rocket", Falcon Heavy weighs a whopping 3,125,735 pounds, towers over at 229.6 feet, and can lift the equivalent of a fully loaded 737 jetliner. In a word, this rocket is revolutionary and if the test fire is any testament to what the actual launch is going to be like, Falcon Heavy is going to change the face of space exploration as we know it.

OK, enough facts and figures, you guys need to watch this thing in action. Remember, it's just a test fire, so you aren't about to witness the satisfaction of a launch. Speaking of the launch, however, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Tweeted that the maiden voyage will be taking place in "a week or so". Very non-committal Elon, very non-committal indeed. Way to be cool about it, man.

What you saw above was all 27 engines firing at once! Forbes reports that people could hear the boom of ignition up to three miles away. We hate to make assumptions, but we suspect that the launch of the Falcon Heavy is going to shake the whole damn state of Florida.

As we said earlier, guys, this is pretty revolutionary stuff! The Falcon Heavy, upon a successful maiden voyage will be the largest rocket launch since the Apollo program’s Saturn V over 50 years ago in 1967. This is history in the making and we're pretty pumped to be a (very) small part of that as viewers.

Lead Image Via YouTube/DennisKapatos

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