You'll Lose Your Mind After Seeing This 409-Pound Grouper That Just Broke The Spearfishing World Record

Image via YouTube

Every single fisherman wants to have that legendary catch that will be passed on for generations through stories, with the fish always being a little bit bigger than it ever really was. Well, for a Florida firefighter named James Taylor, there might not be any embellishing necessary — because the dude just caught the most behemoth grouper ever!

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Participating in last weekend's 2017 St. Pete Open spearfishing tournament — which is dubbed as the ‘largest spearfishing tournament in the world’ — Taylor speared a 409-pound grouper to set the new world record for the largest grouper ever shot with a speargun. Check out this F'in thing, guys.

Like I said, James Taylor's grouper was just a little bit large, don't you think?

Unfortunately for Taylor, the gigantic grouper didn’t count towards the St. Pete Open tournament, but his Team Trident did win first and second place for Hog fish and fourth and fifth place for grouper, so that's some consolation, I guess?

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Making this story even that more unbelievable is the fact that Taylor's speared grouper didn't just sneak by the previous world record, but absolutely demolished the damn thing, with this most recent grouper weighing in about 98 pounds more than the largest grouper ever shot with a speargun, which had previously been held by a man named Dewey Hennessy, who shot a 211-pound Gulf Grouper in Mexico al the way back in 1968.Talk about showing off, huh?

Spearing the fish at a depth of 250 feet and about 85 miles offshore, James Taylor needed the help of six other men just to drag it onto the stage for photos and the official weigh-in, so this thing was no joke.

Check out some of the footage from that little adventure:

So, what does a guy do with a catch that big? Eat it, of course, as Taylor filleted it up and plans to share it with his friends and family. C'mon, who wouldn't do the exact same thing?


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