We Tried Frito-Lay’s Spiciest Flavors to See Which Burned Our Insides the Most

We don't know about you, but our perfect Sunday consists of going over to a buddy's house, opening a cold one, grabbing a bag of chips, kicking up our feet, and watching football... All. Damn. Day. And while we generally try to be a little conscious of the crap we're putting in our bodies — game days don't count. There's no way in hell you'll see us rooting for our favorite team with a beer in one hand and a salad in the other. So, in our neverending quest for the perfect junk food, we decided to test out the spicy route. A little kick never hurt anyone.

Luckily, there are a ton of spicy snacks at the grocery store — and the packaging makes them look like they could cause some serious damage to your insides. So which ones are the best? We took it upon ourselves to find out. Frito-Lay’s has an entire collection of spicy stuff, ranging from moderately hot to "holy f--k my tongue is on fire" hot — and who better to taste test them all than our very own editors? (Ha. Suckers.)

Check out the video below to see five members of our team try Frito-Lay's spiciest flavors, in no particular order.

As it turns out, there are five U.S. cities that are known for their love of spicy foods, so if you live in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, or San Francisco, CA, you'd probably enjoy the XXtra Hot Flamin' Cheetos (you sick f--ks). As for everyone else? Well, you're just going to have to try them and see for yourselves. Not feeling daring? The general consensus seems to be that the Spicy Jalapeno Ranch Flavored Smartfood is as good as crack and the Hint of Jalapeno Flavored Tostitos are pretty damn good, too. Personally, the Flamin' Hot Cheetos are at the top of our list — but clearly not everyone can stand the heat.

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