A Woman Complaining Of A Headache Discovered A Spider Living In Her Ear (Video)

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Arachnophobes, look away! This article is not for you. In fact, it's most likely your worst nightmare realized — a spider in a woman's ear? Hell to the nope. That's some seriously disturbing imagery and, if nothing else, a very strong warning about the dangers in sleeping outdoors. This is why we hate camping. Who wants to literally be one with nature? No, thank you.

Even if you aren't afraid of spiders, the video below is sensitive in nature and will most definitely give you what's commonly referred to as the "heebie-jeebies". If you feel like spiders are crawling all over you shortly after watching, we apologize, but, hey! We tried warning y'all. There's no freakin' clickbait here — what we're describing, in all its disturbing glory, is exactly what you're getting. Take a look, and remember, if you're afraid of spiders ...do not watch this.

Terrifying, we know. Of course, it's not this poor woman's fault that a damn spider decided to shack up in her ear, but we're sort of wondering how dead asleep do you have to be not to notice something crawling into your body? Maybe we're just trying to convince ourselves that it could never happen to us, you know, so we're able to sleep again with nightmares. According to LadBible.

"The (human) star of the clip, known only as Lekshmi L, ended up with the spider on-board after falling asleep on her veranda. She woke up with a headache and a 'tingling sensation' in her ear. Yeah, I'll bet she f*cking did. She asked her daughter to see if she could see anything and had a little rummage about herself, but found nothing. The pain got worse and worse, until her husband took her to hospital to try and get to the bottom of the pain. After arriving at the Columbia Asia Hospital in Hebbal, India, doctors immediately took action to find out what the problem was. It was then that they found the spider living inside Lekshmi's ear and began trying to encourage the little bugger to get out by shining a light on him."

Oh, hell no! Tingling sensation?! Can you imagine? We're getting nauseous just thinking about it! And her daughter? She must've nearly lost her mind once she realized, "Oh crap, there's a spider living in my mother's ear". The fact the course of action was trying to coax the spider out with light instead of going in there and getting is pretty ridiculous. We'd be pitching a fit! Thankfully, Lekshmi ended up being OK — at least there's no reports to the contrary. Let this be a lesson, folks — sleep indoors, with head phones, oh, and some ear plugs.

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