Some Lucky Guy Won A Ton Of Cash After Betting Just $47 On A 10-Team Sports Parlay

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Remember how, just a few weeks ago, I told you guys about how I'm god awful at sports gambling? Yeah, that came after writing the news about some guy winning an insane $62,475 on a 12-leg parlay that initially cost just $25. Well, for all you readers who didn't get into sports gambling after reading about that, maybe this story will do the trick — because another person just cashed in on a ridiculous parlay that earned them thousands of dollars!

According to ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell's Twitter account, some lucky fan got an early Christmas gift yesterday morning, winning $37,600 on a 10-team parlay that cost just $47. So, yeah, sports gambling sure is a good way to make a living, assuming you know what the hell you're doing. Here's a look at the winning ticket, via Rovell's Twitter.

Now, I'm not one to be jealous, but... wait a minute, this is winning over $37,000 from sports gambling, guys, if you don't think I'm jealous you're insane. And to think that the guy only threw down a measly $47, that's less than a Saturday night out, so whoever won this cash sure did get lucky — they just need to expect their family to ask for bigger Christmas presents this year.

Anyway, good on this person for walking home a big winner, because seeing $37,600 show up in your bank account the next day for doing nothing but randomly guessing a bunch of sports games accurately is the ultimate dream. OK, now I'm going to go register for one of those online gambling sites, so excuse me while I test my luck.

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