Think You're Lucky? Some Guy Just Won A Boatload After Betting $25 On A Wild Sports Parlay

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You know, some people are just made to be awesome at sports gambling. Unfortunately, for me, I'm not one of them, as I've never once hit on a crazy parlay or, hell, come to think about it, even anything that won me more than $20. But, those people who, seemingly, walk away with thousands from sports gambling? Yeah, I absolutely envy them, because they make it look easy (and fun)!

Sure, I can sit here and answer all sorts of sports trivia questions and ramble off stupid stats as if I were an Encyclopedia, but when it comes to sports gambling and winning cold hard cash, I haven't a clue. This upsets me, a lot, especially when I hear about a story like ESPN Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell recently tweeted out, which involved some lucky gambler winning an insane $62,475 on a 12-leg parlay that initially cost that person $25. Yeah, never again will I say I'm lucky.

While this big win came via a pretty strategic 12-team parlay — which, if you know anything about sports gambling, is nearly impossible to win — it's not the first time we've reported on someone gambling little to win a hell of a lot. Lest any of us forget, some lady won a $10.7 million jackpot on penny slots this past summer in Las Vegas, so, yeah, this sports gambling victory was one that actually required some skill. OK, maybe more luck than skill, but you get the point.

Anyway, a cool $62,475 to drop into your bank account is awesome anytime of the year, but it's even better when it comes towards the end of it. Talk about an early Christmas present for this gambler, now he/she can buy themselves anything the want to for the holidays!

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