Wrestler Takes Baseball Bat To Face In Stunt Gone Wrong And Shares Nasty Post-Injury Pics

Over the years, we've given you plenty of nasty sports injuries that could easily make the common person throw up after watching. Hell, just a few days ago, we showed you an NFL injury of Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, who has a permanently F'ed up finger from a play that occurred all the way back during the 2015 season. Point blank, sports injuries are usually a little more intense than a rolled ankle or something minor.

While NFL and NBA players have experienced some gross stuff, imagine being a wrestler who puts his or her body on the line by performing wild stunts every single match, with the most daring ones rewarded with fanfare and a heftier paycheck. People often ask themselves a very simple question: Is wrestling fake? The answer? Not really, because the performers are experiencing real pain, so how the hell can that be fake? Scripted? Sure, but, not fake.

Some of these wild wrestling stunts are so "out there" that, unfortunately, they can go horribly wrong. Just check that video above to see some of the times where wrestlers ended up bloodied and battered following a mishap. And, when that happens, bad things can happen — just ask Impact Wrestling star Eddie Edwards, who took a F'in baseball bat to the face from his opponent, Sami Death Machine Callihan, during the main event fight. Check the video below and get ready to cringe.

So, yeah, is wrestling fake? After watching that, if you think so, you're an absolute moron, because that's some real-life brutality. And, for those of you readers who think that Eddie Edwards may have just been acting — which would be one hell of an accomplishment — take a look at some of the pictures he shared on social media of one of the brutal sports injuries we've ever seen.

Although the incident occurred back in January, the actual match only aired for the first time last night. After seeing the injury himself on TV, Edwards also tweeted this out.

Needless to say, this is one of the most gruesome sports injuries in the history of, well, any sport, not just wrestling. Let's just hope no one ever has to go through something like this again, because, damn, the victim is pretty lucky to be alive.


Lead image via YouTube.

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