This Spotify Hack Will Show You All The Songs You've Been Missing

Image Via Spotify

When it comes to anything techy, I never really have a definitive answer. Do I know if the iPhone is actually better than the Samsung Galaxy? Not a damn clue. Sure, I read about it, write about it, but without actually being able to test out both simultaneously, my opinion isn't worth a whole lot.

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I can however, ACTUALLY ATTEST to the services of Spotify and I've got some tea I want to spill. First of all, some backstory: I somehow managed to weasel myself onto someone's Apple music family plan and I was living my best life!! Apple music is THE SHIT. Sure, it eats into your data if you're not connected to WiFi, but you can always just download songs and listen to them offline—it's a win, win. The only problem is, it's expensive and thusly, I'm not going to pay for, just mooch it off other people. I already pay for my own Netflix, that's enough!

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So anyway, make a long story short, my apple music experience came to an end and now I'm getting to know Spotify (using someone else's premium subscription) and I've gotta say, not loving it. Then, I go ahead and read this hack and I'm even more peeved! Spotify is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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According to The Verge—"Spotify automatically hides songs that artists have pulled from the streaming service without notifying you. But there’s a helpful trick to see the songs that disappeared, which is especially useful if you’d like to buy them for your personal (and more permanent) collection: go to Settings, and under Display Options, check “Show unavailable songs in playlists."

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To see visuals from The Verge, permitting that explanation wasn't clear enough, head HERE