Guy Jumps Into A Shark Tank To Prove He's Awesome, Regrets It Instantly

Image via Instagram

We've all done things that we're not too proud of. Hell, if I started listing all of my regrets in life now, I wouldn't be done talking about them until I was on my death bed at (hopefully) 95 years old.

Between dumb decisions through my younger years to the insane stuff I did in college and through my twenties, there are moments when I probably got a little bit lucky to walk away from a situation that I put myself in.

And this guy who jumped into a shark tank while on spring break can certainly relate.

I wouldn't advise many people to try and pull off a stunt like this—for obvious reasons—as the dude jumps in to, I don't know, prove he's the most badass of all his friends, only to scurry out of there before the sharks use him as a late-night snack.

Thankfully, this didn't end badly, because it could have gone so much worse. Don't drink and dive... into shark tanks, guys.


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