How To Stay In Shape, And Be Ripped, After 35 Years Old (Tips From A Trainer)

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As a 33-year-old man, staying in shape isn't as easy as it once was for me. Sure, I run about three times a week, depending on the time of year and weather outside, but that's a far cry from the five-to-six times a week I was doing in my late-20s. Back then, social life was sacrificed to sneak in a five-mile run, choosing fitness over friends.

Unfortunately, as I've gotten over the age of 30, it seems that life gets a bit more complicated and 24 hours just doesn't seem like enough time in a day. Work gets crazy, friends and family take precedent over personal time running or at the gym and it seems like a quick bite to eat is, usually, the unhealthiest option. Don't get me wrong, I'm still fit, but it takes a hell of a lot more work and reading more work out tips than I ever thought I'd need.


With such struggle staying in shape, we reached out to trainer Mensur Muhic to get his tips on what men over the age of 35 can do to keep slim and toned. After all, Mensur, who's 36 years old, didn't get the six-pack he's sporting by sitting around, it took effort and self-motivation.

So, what can men in their mid-30s do to stay in shape? "Meno" gives us his thoughts on goals, commitment, finding balance and other tips to feel better now than you did back when you were in your 20s.


FHM: Let's Be Honest, Guys In Their 30s Come Up With Tons Of Excuses To Avoid Staying In Shape, How Can They Stay Motivated?

Mensur Muhic: "In my opinion, there are no excuses! Excuses are for weak people and people who aren't goal-oriented. If you want to succeed or become something, you have to step up the game and go for it. Everyone has 30-45 minutes each day to accomplish what they prioritize and to work on things that will make him/her happier and stronger. I believe in three key things: Goals, Commitment and Focus, and the motivation comes along the way after seeing results from hard work you have put in."

FHM: In Your Opinion, Why's It Important For Men To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle After Age 35?

Mensur Muhic: "It's always important to be healthy and happy, regardless of the age. A healthy lifestyle should be a priority to all of us. Why? Because nothing else will matter in your life if you're not stable in your health; both physically and mentally. I recommend staying fit, eating healthy and taking care of yourself. Success and everything else will follow you."

FHM: What's Your Trick? How Do You Find The Right Balance Between Work, Family And Personal Time?

Mensur Muhic: "Well, I'll be honest, it certainly isn't easy. But, I have made a decision, set myself a goal and I actively purse that goal each day. Family and work do take a lot of my time, and I'm grateful for that, but it's equally important for me to make time for personal care and goals. My trick is to stay focused and motivated and become better each day."


FHM: Any Home Or Efficient Workouts Guys Can Do To Still Get Results Without Fighting The Gym Crowd?

Mensur Muhic: "I'm actually not a big fan of going to the gym. Who likes waiting for the exercise machines? It's always too crowded and people are chatty. So, yeah, I've always been a big fan of working out at home and in my own space, looking for the best home workouts I can find. It's convenient, saves me time and, lastly, it's peaceful. There are many great programs for home workouts. You just have to do it. Being prepared and having your space set up is 50 percent of the work, the other half is then actually doing the workout. I recommend Beachbody.com. They have super quality workout videos available."

FHM: How About Recovery? We Assume You Can't Do Everything You Used To Do At The Gym When You Were 25

Mensur Muhic: "Maybe surprisingly, I feel much better now at 36 years old, than when I was 25. Why? Because I live a healthier lifestyle, I'm more mentally prepared, I eat well and have set realistic and achievable goals. I'm just taking better care of myself nowadays. Stay focused, determined and goal-oriented, because age is just a number. If I can do it, everyone else can. Stay strong!"

FHM: Lastly, What's Your Routine Look Like? Even If A Guy Has Bad Genes, How Can He Still Get Toned?

Mensur Muhic: "If you have a hard time losing weight or getting toned, I highly recommend avoiding food after 7 p.m.; period! Even when you have cravings, don't do it! If you're really starving and need food badly, eat an apple, banana or some grapes. After doing this myself, I've felt like a million bucks, showing results after just two weeks. Try it, you'll thank me later."

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