Everything You Need To Know About 'Stealthing', The Crazy-Dangerous Bedroom Trend

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Turns out, not all bedroom trends have to be sexy. In fact, this new one, called 'stealthing', couldn't be further from it.

Before we begin to unravel this dastardly tale, here at FHM we have reiterated time and time again that we 100 percent advocate sex between two happy, consenting adults. No qualms about that! However, if the sex you're having isn't safe, you've lost our support. You have ZERO excuse not to know the proper channels in which to have safe sex, I'll share them AGAIN for good measure.

With the PSA out of the way, we can continue. According to The New York Post:"The disturbing, nonconsensual trend is called “stealthing” and its rise is documented in a report by The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law.

"Lead author Alexandra Brodsky argues that “stealthing,” when a man secretly removes his condom in the middle of sex, is a form of sexual assault and should be treated as such. Even more troubling is the online community Brodsky uncovered, where men encourage other men to “stealth” their partners. These perpetrators — both gay and straight — believe it’s a man’s right to “spread one’s seed.”

I'm going to go ahead and say that it takes a pretty sick and twisted individual to pull this sh-t on an innocent, unsuspecting woman. For those of you scoffing at the idea that this couldn't "possibly be sexual assault." You're dead wrong. When a woman consents to sex under the pretenses that sex WILL be safe you are nullifying that consent by removing your condom unbeknownst to her.

As a word to the wise, "In January, a Swiss court convicted a man of rape after he took off his condom without telling his partner. The court concluded that the woman would have said no to sex if she knew the condom would be removed."

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