Minnesota Vikings Star WR Stefon Diggs On Style, Grooming And Celebrations

We've given out plenty of men's fashion tips or grooming advice in the past — especially since it's Movember now — but when we heard Minnesota Vikings star wideout Stefon Diggs wanted to chat about style, we had to take him up on the offer. After all, the third-year pro isn't just making a name for himself on the field, but, thanks to his fashion, he's getting a lot of attention, too. Case in point, Stefon was recently named NFL Brand Ambassador for the league’s men’s lifestyle campaign, so the dude has some serious swag.

In addition to his style, the 23-year-old Stefon Diggs knows it's crucial for a man to smell good, too, which is why he partnered up with Old Spice to talk about some of their Body Washes and new Invisible Spray deodorant/anti-perspirant.

Stefon Diggs gave us some men's fashion tips and grooming advice worth paying close attention to, along with NFL celebrations and, of course, his dream matchup with an all-time great defender.

FHM: Let's First Jump Into Your Style, Man. You're One Of The Best Dressed Guys In The NFL, Where's That Fashion Sense Come From?

Stefon Diggs: "Even when I was young, I always liked wearing nice clothes — even though they were tough to afford. So, when I got older and could financially support myself, I really got into dressing differently and into how I feel at the moment. I'm a big hoodie guy now, since it's so cold here in Minneapolis, so I love wearing my hoodies. But I could pretty much throw on anything at any moment, it all depends on my mood."

FHM: Are You Of The Whole Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good Mentality?

Stefon Diggs: "Oh, yeah, definitely; especially on the field. On the field, I've got to look the part and I've got to feel great about what I'm putting on. If I don't feel great about it, man, I'm not a happy camper. But I try not to make it too big of a deal."

FHM: Same Thing With Smelling Good, Right? A Good Body Wash Or Spray To Stay Fresh For The Ladies?

Stefon Diggs: "It’s great to partner with Old Spice because I use their lineup in and out of the locker room. They’ve got everything I need for my daily grooming routine. With practices and workouts we’re showering 2-3 times per day and Hydro Wash body wash keeps me smelling fresh and my skin feeling hydrated. The new Invisible Spray is a great addition because it sprays on dry for up to 48 hour protection without any white streaks on my skin or clothes. And it's great to throw in your gym back or backpack.​ I mean, you've got to present yourself the best way you can."

FHM: Other Than Yourself, Which NFL Player Has The Best Style?

Stefon Diggs: "Man, that's tough. A lot of guys dress really different. I'm big on everyone just being themselves and being unique. Like, Cam Newton dresses like he wants to dress, and, you know, if he has confidence and feels good about what he has on, I'm a big fan of it. I'm not big on people who are just trying to dress like someone else or be somebody else. I believe in you being you and dress how you like, and if you're comfortable, I'm all for it. Another guy who dresses pretty good is Von Miller (of the Denver Broncos). I've seen him wear some cowboy boots and thought that that was pretty dope."

FHM: Thoughts On Movember, You Taking Part And Growing A Stache?

Stefon Diggs: (laughs) "Listen, man, I've haven't been able to grow a mustache for 22 years now, so, we're off to a slow start so far, but, this November, I'm excited about it and think some good things will happen with it."

FHM: Let's Talk Some Football: Most Difficult Defender To Go Up Against, GO!

Stefon Diggs: "I'd say (teammate) Xavier Rhodes, a guy who I see on a daily basis. He's so big, fast and can break on passes, so we call him the alien, so he's definitely a tough task each and every day in practice.

FHM: What Makes Him So Hard To Shake?

Stefon Diggs: "Man, he's like a 6'3", 220-pound corner with long arms, so being that big and fast, he can move really good for his size. I mean, I'm 6'1" and about 195 pounds, and he can stick with me, so that's hard to go against."

FHM: If There's One All-Time Great You Could Go Up Against, Who Would It Be? I Have An Idea, But I Want To See Who'd You Say.

Stefon Diggs: "Oh Yeah? Man, Who You Think I'm Gonna Say?"

FHM: It's Got To Be Deion Sanders, Right?

Stefon Diggs: (laughs) "Man, you already knew what was going on! You know, it's a different time now, but you want to go against one of the best guys ever, and he's the first guy who initially comes to mind. That's who I would want."


FHM: "If You Caught A Ball Against Him And Had, Say, 20 Yards In Front Of You, Are You High-Stepping Like Deion Did To Mock Him?

Stefon Diggs: (laughs) "Nah, I would just try and do the Deion dance in the end zone like he used to do."

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