Story About A Guy Getting Hammered And Buying A Bus Will Make You Rethink Boozing Ever Again

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We've all had those mornings after a binge-drinking day where we regret the decisions we made the night prior—which usually involve late-night texting to random girls and the copious amounts of pizza we ate before dozing off—but a guy by the name of Davie Little awoke to a surprise none of us would ever want.

Following a hard as all hell night in Ibiza this past weekend, little Davie discovered that he got so lit that he actually bought a $38,000 charter bus. Yeah, talk about a regretful bill from a night out, huh?

My favorite part of the entire story? Little's admission that "Ibiza ruins lives." On a more positive note for Davie, at least he has a killer ride to host parties on—I just hope he charges per guest to help pay this damn thing off.

H/T BroBible