Class Is Now In Session: Former Students Reveal What It's Like To Hook Up With A Teacher

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See, now THIS is why I love Reddit. Whenever a student-teacher scandal breaks, they never really give too much background, at least not from a first-person perspective, but NOT the Reddit community! Those people just love, love, love to share.

I want to know the build up, the affair, and the aftermath! I need substance! Luckily, Redditor, Naimaivy posed this question just yesterday—"Students who've had sex with their teachers, at what point did your relationship turn physical? How do you feel about it now?" and the results are A1 entertainment, I promise. Take a look:

Happily Ever After

"I secretly dated my college professor when I was a freshman. He wasn't much older than me. It was a small class which allowed for us to get close and we got closer at an extra credit (outside of class) event where I happened to be the only student of his that turned up. We went out for a drink after (I was obviously under aged but he knew the bartender so I wasn't ID'ed). We dated secretly for a while until the semester ended and then more openly after. We've been married almost two years now so I'd say I feel good about it."

Oral Exams

"I had sex with my TA the night of the oral exam. No, that's not a double entendre. It was actually an exam in which I had to say my answers out loud. She was only a few years older than me, and we had a really strong rapport that became most evident during that exam. She asked if I wanted to come out and get drinks with her and a couple more students at the end of the exam. We got drinks. Then we shed the others to get high. Then we had sex. In addition to the oral exam, I was supposed to write a final paper. Needless to say, I never did. I did have some more sex with her, though. My grade reflected that."


"I had a one-night stand with my English teacher. We waited until after graduation, though we’d talked about it during my senior year. She was very attracted to me, which I found flattering (and surprising). I thought she was cute and I was eager to lose my virginity in an actual bed and in a sort of no-strings-attached situation. She was 30 at the time. We’ve stayed in touch. She lives 1000 miles away but a few years ago, my wife and son and I visited her when we were in the area. We spent a lovely morning catching up. She’s a very sweet person and I’m glad she and I shared that night together."

The Creep

"When I was in high school, our math teacher and one of my classmates were clearly infatuated with each other. The minute she graduated they hooked up. It was creepy, until they got married, I guess. Then it wasn’t creepy. Until they got divorced. Then it turned out it was never not creepy. Even now she calls him The Creep."

Butt Sharpies

"So I wasn't involved but my high school had a sex scandal. She was my Spanish teacher and she was super cool and always a very good conversationalist. I tutored her daughter in math at their house weekly. Often the daughters BF would come over while I was tutoring and hang with the teacher while I worked with the daughter. He would also come over to the spanish teachers classroom daily with food. I thought ok, that's cool they're friends and they have the daughter in common. While I was at six flags on a class field trip, the news broke they got caught by an administrator. Then it clicked why they were always hanging out! My cool Spanish teacher was banging her daughter's 15 year old boyfriend! In the police report a charge listed was "penetration with a foreign object" which meant she but a sharpie up his butt!"

Cue 'Friends' Intro Music

I was a senior in high school. One night, at 12am on a Sat my dad come storming into my room. he said "go tell your idiorfriend to stop beeping in my driveway. I was so confused, I looked out the window and did not know the car. I went down in my shorts and tshirt and my AP History teacher was in the driveway hammered. She said "get in I am taking you for ice cream" Turns out, she drove by one day and saw me washing my car (i lived right by the school). I got in the car, she drove me to a park and started to make out with me. That was in Oct of my senior year and we slept together all year. I would literally hand back in blank tests and say you fill it in. Needless to say I got an A in the class (and bombed the AP exam since I did not pay attention to anything). She was 24 at the time, I was 17. I never told ANYONE. none of my friends, not my coaches, not my cousins. NO ONE. She looked like Pheobe from friends, and I still think of her when I watch that show. Randomly 15 years later she will text me pics still.

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