Former High School Teacher Is Found Guilty For Inappropriate Relations With Her 16-Year-Old Student

Image via Maryland Correctional Institution For Women

I'm not sure what's worse, a culture of young women who think it's okay to commit crimes under the pretenses that they're attractive or an entire society of men who champion that sort of behavior. You can't exact say you're blameless either. If you've ever commented something along the lines of, "Hell, I wish teachers looked like that when I was in school" you are 100%, unequivocally part of the problem.

I'm not necessarily blaming you, of course, we're all guilty of it in some way or another. It's part of a bigger issue that's heavily-engrained in double-standards. If a man we're found guilty of this with a female student, well, the backlash would be a lot louder and words like pedophile and pervert would scroll across every newsfeed from here to Australia.

Reporting on the matter WITHOUT sensationalism is really the only proper way to do it. Give people facts and let them draw their own conclusions, right? Well, here goes then. According to People—Ekatherine Pappas, a 25-year-old Maryland (ex) high school teacher has plead guilty to three counts of fourth-degree sex offense against one of her 16-year-old students.

Despite a mere 9-year age difference (which isn't that jarring when both parties are say, 25 and 34) there was more involved than just your basic power imbalance professionally and in age. People continued—"Pappas, who was a Spanish teacher at Franklin High School in Reisterstow, was sentenced June 29 in Baltimore County Circuit Court to three years in prison, and suspended all but one year and one day of it, after police found disturbing video of her engaged in sex acts with a special education student. She was also sentenced to five years of supervised probation upon her release and she must register as a sex offender for 15 years.

Lead Image via Maryland Correctional Institution For Women

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