These Sexual Deal-Breakers Will Make You Concentrate A Little Bit Harder While Being Naughty

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If there's one thing we all put way too much stress on, it's our performance when it comes to sex, overthinking how good we are, what to do to get a lady off and, of course, if she actually did reach climax—or did she just fake it to toy with our emotions?

As much as we think about and read about sex, hoping that it'll help us perform better, at times, there are things that we do that leave us shooting ourselves in the foot. You know, when you say or do something that's so bad it's impossible to overcome.

Hey, look, good people make dumb decisions, don't fret.

That said, there are some major league deal-breakers that will end all hope of getting laid. For instance, paying attention to your phone more than your partner at any time before, during or after getting down and dirty.

Thankfully, to help you avoid such mistakes, Online Doctor surveyed 2,000 people to figure out exactly what these bad things are. Here's what topped the results.

As you can see, the top spot is calling the person the wrong name. Yeah, I'd say that would result in a swift kick to the nuts or some sort of chewing out to occur. If you're dumb enough to do that, you don't deserve to be having sex.

Of course, those aren't the only deal-breakers when it comes to sex, as there are plenty of other things that leave both men and women satisfied. Some of those, too, were revealed during the same survey of 2,000 people.

Unsurprisingly, when a guy lasts only a few minutes, that's such a turn-off that women would probably rather play with themselves than have the real thing. Sad, but true.

So, what have we learned here today? Don't call someone by the wrong name. Never fart before, during or after sex. And make sure you do some stretches before trying all those wild sexual positions—because getting a cramp isn't going to do you any favors, pal.

See the full study results over at *OnlineDoctor.