Study Shows That Paid Escorts Are The Key Ingredient To A Happy Marriage, Well, For Men At Least

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You can roll your eyes and say, "duh" all you want, but honestly this headline wasn't that obvious to me. Sure, I recognize that if given the chance to step outside their marriage unscathed, most men would comply, but this study isn't suggesting that. This study is reporting that men say they NEED prostitutes in order to sustain themselves in a longterm, marital relationship.

Here's where I'm going to get just a wee-bit testy. You NEED to pay an escort for sex? You don't just WANT to? In my book the word need implies a sense of urgency that without, you will somehow be gravely endangered, or ill, or worse-off than before. I'm thinking you'll be chill whether you sleep with an escort or not, but hey, what do I know? The numbers seem to prove otherwise.

The Daily Mail writes:

"The site Victoria Milan, which boasts clients worldwide, studied more than 6,000 married men and found that paying for sex is a common and often frequent habit for men who are looking to cheat."

Alright, that's not entirely surprising! My issue, I think, is the language that's being used. Hang on, here's more. Let's hear from The CEO of this honorable company, Sigurd Vedal, who does so much good for the world:

'Men engaging escorts is a love/hate relationship,' he said. 'Men love sex and need to have it regularly and escorts meet that demand.'

Wow, what a beautiful sentiment! I guess that explains the fact that,"35 percent of men soliciting sex didn't see the experience as a pleasure, but as a necessary sexual release." Yes, it's less than half but, 35 percent still seems too high a number for such a ridiculous justification. If you want to get married, great, do that! I hear it's a wonderful, sacred union. If you want to sleep with escorts, great, do that! I hear it's a wonderful, sacred union. You can't have both.

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