Global Sex Facts: Study Shows The Different Ways People Are Getting Down

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While sex is a fairly unifying experience in the human condition, it doesn't mean the sort of sex people in The States are having is the same sort of sex people, say, across the world are having. That's why we rely so heavily on studies, because you know, you can't very well expect to determine cultural trends from having a pen pal. The good folks over at Dr. Felix clearly share in this sentiment as they conducted the following —

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"Dozens of studies, over as many years, have shown our sex lives are becoming more and more diverse. There’s a vast array of data available, and it makes for some interesting findings. So for the first time, the team here at DrFelix has brought it all together. It shows what our most intimate moments in the bedroom – and elsewhere in the house for that matter – might involve, depending on whether you’re a gay woman from Mumbai, a straight man from Melbourne or a married couple from Milan."

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To read the full study, head HERE