Substitute Teacher Arrested For Sending Dirty Pics, Getting Drunk And Having Sex With Teenage Student

Image via WESH

Like death and taxes, it seems that, nearly every single day, we have a disturbing sex scandal between a teacher and an underage student. This one, which occurred in Florida, is one of the strangest, though.

Rather than a faculty member taking part, it was substitute teacher Alicia Bromfield, 28, who was arrested after co-workers told authorities that she had sex with one of her students, per Daily Mail.

Alicia Bromfield has been charged with unlawful sex with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after an official at The Crenshaw School in Gotha notified welfare workers at the Department of Children and Families about the alleged relationship, who in turn contacted the Orlando police.

But here's where the story gets even more bizarre, because, per WFTV, the teacher had, allegedly, sent nasty photos on Snapchat to the victim and even got drunk off of vodka with him before having sex.

WFTV reports that the 28-year-old allegedly picked up the student, 16, from his home in Kissimmee and then drove him to her Orlando apartment where she drank vodka with him before the two had sex.

Prior to that Bromfield, who divorced her husband of just over two years in June, had allegedly exchanged lewd photos with the boy on Snapchat.

According to the Orlando police sergeant, Tami Edwards, "There was alcohol involved. She provided the alcohol, he consumed it. Both parties were probably under the influence," which, obviously, led to Alicia Bromfield being arrested and charged with unlawful sex with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Following her arrest late last week, the former substitute posted $5,100 bail and was released from the county jail.

H/T Daily Mail