Suck At Parallel Parking? This Is How To Do It Like A Pro

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Most people think that parallel parking is something that we should have all learned and mastered by now. Problem is, as evident by the terrible attempts by drivers every single day, that's certainly not the case.

We just don't know what in the hell it is about parallel parking that makes it so damn difficult!?! Is it the fact that we don't know how big the space we're pulling into is? Or that we're afraid of nicking the car in front of behind us? Or, simply put, do we just suck at driving?

For those who drivers who freak out over such a situation, science is here to help relieve some stress, as they've given us some tips—and a gif—on how to finally parallel park your car like a pro.

Now to the tips, which come to us from researchers at the University of London, who devised an in-depth, yet simple, formula to follow.

  • Using Pythagoras’s Theorem, researchers revealed that the driver should pull alongside the car ahead of the spot they want, align their tires with the car's bumper and turn the wheel toward the curb as far as it will go.

  • At this point, reverse until the center of the inside rear tire aligns with the street edge of that same car in front of the spot, straightening the wheel while backing up.

  • When the outside tire aligns with that same edge, turn the wheel out towards the street and keep reversing.

And, just like that, you'll be a parking pro and impress everyone who might be witnessing you parking.

Now, in our opinion, that whole mathematical formula is a bit difficult to understand—unless you're currently in the car attempting to parallel park which, at this point, is not a good idea. So, stick to the gif and go conquer those hard-to-squeeze-into spots!

JOE, Men's Health

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