The Top 5 Cities For Sugar Daddies In The U.S. (You Know, Just In Case You're Into *That*)

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It's safe to say that if you clicked on this article, that you're well-aware of what a sugar daddy is/does. Then again, it's 2017, we can't assume anything anymore — it'll just make an ass out of you and me. Sorry, that was just a little #DadJoke humor. Moving on, a sugar daddy is an older gentleman (55+) who bankrolls the lifestyle of a much younger woman. This woman is usually referred to as a sugar baby. It's all very Freudian and strange, especially when it's a sugar mama situation, but, hey! To each their own, right?

We don't know all of the logistics, as we've never been in this kind of arrangement, but to clarify: no, this is not prostitution. The exchange of "goods" is not exclusively sex and money. OK? So don't get all judgmental, y'all! If a grown-ass-man and a younger, but still grown-ass-woman want to engage in a consensual sugar daddy/sugar baby situation, good for them! If this is something that you find intriguing, keep reading! Because we've got the best locations in The U.S. for you to explore this fantasy.

SeekingArrangement.com releases data from its annual study of Sugar Daddy members and finds that New York has the highest concentration of Sugar Daddies on the East Coast. Instead of giving you that very specific information, we requested which cities have the highest concentration on a Nationwide level! Here they are:

1. Los Angeles — 20,500

2. New York — 20,000

3. Atlanta — 15,000

4. Miami — 13,000

5. Chicago — 12,000

If you do happen to call New York, New York your home, perhaps you'd be interested to know some more information on the sugar daddy situation here, because let us tell you, it's POPPIN' — we've never used "poppin'" as an adjective before, it just felt necessary in this circumstance:

"An estimated 1.63 million people call the 23 square miles that make up Manhattan home, making it the most densely populated of the five boroughs. It’s no surprise that it’s also the most dense population of Sugar Daddies in the state, with nearly double the amount of the second and third-placing areas. The latest data shows that 20,000 Sugar Daddies live there, equating to 24.53 Sugar Daddies per 1,000 adult males."

So, guys (and for those girls reading along) if any of this information is of interest to you, check out SeekingArrangement.com! Who knows? You might just find your ideal arrangement and hell, it's gotta be better than Tinder.

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