The Summer Beers Every Man Needs To Relax With Around The Pool

Image via Driftwood Journals

If there's a better time than summer to drink beer, we don't know when it is. You see, when you mix the great outdoors with extreme heat, the pool, some golf and a bunch of BBQs, there's nothing quite like a cold one to help you relax and really enjoy the sunshine.

For better or worse, though, the thought of actually selecting which brew you're going to drink can be a daunting task. Seriously, there are a crazy amount of options out there, so how does one go about deciding the tastiest for the occasion? Luckily, we're here to help you out, offering up the 10 best summer beers for you to try.

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So, what makes a good summer beer? Simple, something that both cools you off and quenches your thirst, with the No. 1 priority to have lots of flavor, breaking the normal flavors your typically get from different styles like lagers, IPAs and others.

Just like a stout is ideal to help warm you up during the wintertime, a summertime beer is something light and full of different flavors. Like the season itself, these brews are supposed to be fun—with different things like fruits and other aromas finding their way into batches.

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And, because we really enjoy drinking beer during the summer—and we like you—here's our go-to summer beer list, with our complete list of the 15 best beers you should try and snag while the sunshine is here.

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