Must-See Summer TV Shows That You'll Want To Ditch The Pool For

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, superheroes, laughter or even weed, television has got you covered this summer.

TV is awesome, and this really is an incredible time to be a television fan, because there is a seemingly never-ending supply of shows to watch.


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Not so long ago, we’d get our TV seasons from roughly September/October to May, and then we’d be stuck with reruns until the new season began. But that was in the ancient days of only a handful of networks. Now, of course, we’ve got those networks, various cable channels and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. And rather than just show reruns of network shows, which is also the way it used to be, all of them are determined to capture your attention with originals.

Fans of King or horror in general? There are shows like The Mist, Mr. Mercedes, Midnight, Texas; or the animated Castlevania. Can’t get enough of those superheroes on the big screen? Netflix brings four of them together for The Defenders, while Amazon has the parody of the genre, The Tick. The laughs are brought by Friends From College, I’m Sorry, Marlon and Raven’s Home. And then there’s the weed of Kathy Bates starrer Disjointed, a gateway drug of sorts for Snowfall, the ‘80s set drama looking at the rise of the crack cocaine epidemic in ‘80s Los Angeles.


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From there, see if the Earth can be saved from impending doom in Salvation, or travel the globe on adventure before that doom arrives with Hooten & The Lady. Feel like a trip back to the past? There’s The Last Tycoon, or maybe you’d prefer a good old fashioned manhunt, like in Manhunt: Unabomber.

There are so many TV choices, and the above is only a sampling. Join FHM on a look ahead to our television summer.

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