Map Shows Just How Much People Love Rooting Against The Patriots In Super Bowl 52

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As we all know, Super Bowl 52 between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles is this weekend. And, other than some Super Bowl Prop Bets that we really want to see, we can't wait to sit back and see if Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Pats can scoop up their sixth NFL title in the past 17 seasons, and third in the past four!

With such success, it's obvious to ask the question: Are people having Patriots fatigue? That's a question I tackled with our friends over at Cheddar last week after the team won the AFC Championship. My thought was, even though New England has been on top of the NFL world for nearly two decades, Tom Brady is still a big enough draw for people to pay attention. See the clip below.

Anyway, although Tom Brady is still the biggest and most bankable NFL superstar, one thing is clear: people are sick of seeing the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl — and Super Bowl 52 is no different. Just take a look at this map from Twitter that shows how many people love rooting against the team, instead, siding with the Philadelphia Eagles during this year's Big Game.

That's not just a small difference, but a gigantic one, which proves that people love hating on the five-time Super Bowl champs. The only states that are rooting for the Pats are, unsurprisingly, the New England area and, somewhat surprisingly, North Dakota of all places! Considering Eagles star quarterback, Carson Wentz, played college ball at North Dakota State just a few years ago, the support for the Pats over the Eagles is a little messed up, in my opinion.

The data for the Super Bowl map was compiled by the NFL guys over at betonline.ag, who used software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data, using fan hashtags and phrases like #FlyEaglesFly, #GoEagles, #GoPats and #GoPatriots.

With Super Bowl Sunday just a few days away, we can't wait for what's to come. But, one thing's for sure, based off of this info, the entire country wants to see a super upset, with Tom Brady and the Patriots going home as losers rather than winners... again.

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