WinIt Wednesday: Score Tickets To The NFL Experience Times Square And A $500 Gift Card

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Take a hike, Hump Day, 'cause it’s Win It Wednesday — your new favorite day of the week, when we showcase just one of our many awesome giveaways, so you can WIN IT for free. Get it?!? Yeah, it's a play on words.

In case you live under a rock, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl 52, set to tackle one another (literally), in chilly Minneapolis in a couple weeks. Kudos to all the players, upcoming commercials and bars that are already marinating their frozen chicken wings! And a big ol' shout out to all of those who can’t afford tickets, let alone a keychain at this year’s annual tossing of the pigskin — seriously, ticket prices this year are crazy expensive.

So let’s huddle and get through this blow together, because now’s your chance to win a pair of tickets to the NFL Experience Times Square attraction in NYC, two NFLX-branded rolling duffle bags, plus a $500 American Express Gift Card to spend on whatever else you’d want that we didn’t give you for free. Oh, and even if you're not the big, grand prize winner, three additional winners will each receive tickets to NFL Experience Times Square plus one NFLX-branded rolling duffle bag, so there, you can still celebrate a victory in awesome fashion.

WIN IT! Click here to enter for a chance to win tickets to the NFL Experience Times Square attraction in NYC and a $500 Amex Gift Card!

Super Bowl 52 is the biggest sports event of the year, so whether you or someone you know is the biggest football fan ever, or just a casual spectator, the NFL Experience Times Square in NYC is worth schlepping on the subway for to visit. This impressive, fully immersive attraction is a great place to take your friends or sport enthusiast gal pal with benefits. Dive right into 13 interactive displays, from three attempts at the football-passing Quarterback Challenge to busting out your touchdown dance during the Super Bowl Celebration which puts you in the middle of the roaring crowd and celebratory Gatorade dump thanks to augmented reality and plenty of real confetti.

Sounds like a pretty sweet way to spend a Sunday, if you ask us. Did we forget to mention that the attraction has a fully stocked bar? We’ll leave when we’re good and ready — and maybe a bit too boozed up. Enter every day before this giveaway ends on Feb. 15, 2018. Hustle to win! Blue 42, hut, hut!

Lead image via NFL.

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