15 Super Bowl Commercials That Have Launched Ahead Of The Big Game

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With Super Bowl LLI just five days away, we're definitely gearing up for the big game here at FHM. We've got our opinions on Tom Brady all squared away and we're looking forward to beers, snacks, and good company. Of course, there's no denying that even if you're the world's biggest NFL fan, the Super Bowl commercials are where the real entertainment's at.

Fortunately, several companies ranging from Budweiser and Doritos to Michelob Ultra and Skittles have already dropped their ads and let's just say, 2018's Super Bowl commercials have definitely brought their A game. Seriously, we wish commercials could be like this all year around — the celebrities, the humor, the production value — you almost forget that commercials, in general, are the worst things ever — why do you think everyone is so obsessed with Netflix?

We hate to play favorites, but as you may have already gathered from the teaser image, the Mountain Dew and Doritos mashup is by far the best commercial of the lot. Both Peter Dinklage of the Game of Thrones and Morgan Freeman of the, well, everything fame, make the perfect duo! It's action packed, comedic, hell, even Missy Elliot makes a cameo.

2018 Super Bowl Commercials

Yellow Tail — "Big Game Surprise"

Lexus — "Black Panther"

Pepsi — "Cindy Crawford" (Teaser)

Budweiser — "Beer Country" and "Stand By You"

M&M's — "Human"

Febreze — "The Only Man Whose Bleep Don't Stink"

Doritos And Mountain Dew — Blaze vs. Ice

Michelob Ultra — "The Perfect Fit"

Skittles — "Super Important Bowl News"

Pringles — "Wow"

Stella Artois — "Taps"

Amazon Alexa — "Did Alexa Lose Her Voice?" (Teaser)

Tide — "Bradshaw's Locked Out" (Teaser)

Universal Studios — "Peyton Manning: Vacation Quarterback"

Groupon — "Who Wouldn't?"

If these early releases and teasers are any testament to what all of 2018"s Super Bowl commercials will be like then we're positive it's going to be one hell of a year! Patriots, Eagles, win, lose, it doesn't matter — we'll all be drunk, full, entertained, and dreading work the next day.

Lead Image Via YouTube/Doritos

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