How Much Does The Super Bowl Halftime Performer Make? It's Not What You Think

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The Super Bowl Halftime Show is always one of the highlights of the Big Game. From Michael Jackson to Prince to plenty of others, the millions of viewers tuning into the game have been treated to some pretty badass performances over the years. But, with some of the biggest names in music out there during the most-watched TV show of the year, it made us think here at FHM — do Super Bowl Halftime performers get paid?

Considering we've given you everything you've ever wanted to know about this year's Super Bowl 52 between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles — like how to not sound dumb, how many people are rooting against the Pats and even some Super Bowl commercials to keep an eye out for this year — we figured answering one of the most interesting questions about the game would be kind of fun. So, we did some digging to find out the answer for you guys, which will make you so much smarter in front of your friends and family.


According to TIME, in an article published last year, the last season's performer, Lady Gaga, followed a trend that might surprise you. That is, yep, the Super Bowl Halftime performer makes nothing!

It’s official. Lady Gaga is headlining the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show. But for a musician that earns $1.9 million per concert per night, what is she making for this one?

The short answer? Nothing. When Coldplay and Beyoncé performed for Super Bowl 50, a NFL spokeswoman said the league doesn’t pay the halftime artists. “We cover expenses and production costs,” she told Forbes.

Does that surprise anyone else to hear? It came as a pretty big shock to us, especially when you consider that the TIME article mentioned that Lady Gaga earns $1.9 million per concert per night. For an A-list musician like herself — or, in this year's case, Justin Timberlake — to put on a 20-to-30-minute show and not make a dime is crazy!

That said, seeing as how production costs for the show and travel can be "more than $10 million," per Heavy, we'd say that the Super Bowl Halftime performer is still coming out as a winner. However, most of the time, the musicians are there to promote an upcoming album, song or some other project, so they're getting some serous exposure.

Still, for someone who's used to making millions of dollars for singing and dancing, to be told that he or she isn't getting any money must be a huge factor in deciding whether or not that entertainer wants to perform at the Super Bowl. Plus, let's not forget that some of these Super Bowl Halftime shows can turn into a mess, with people on social media commenting on them — looking at you, Left Shark, who stole the show during Katy Perry's performance a few years ago.


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