Super Bowl Prop Bets We Just Made Up That Need To Happen ('Cause We Love Gambling)

We here at FHM love all sorts of sports gambling, even if we're not too great at it. And, with Super Bowl prop bets being some of the more entertaining ways to bet on the Big Game, we figured the best thing we could do would be to come up with some creative options that need to happen in this year's game between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

With badass commercials always being the norm during the Super Bowl, and tons of storylines that will surely be talked about in the two weeks leading up to kickoff, we've got a couple Super Bowl prop bets that we think could be fun. Of course, outside of sharing these with you and maybe having our buddies agreeing to taking part in them, who knows if they'll ever come to fruition, but we sure as hell think they should!

So, if you're like us and can't win a damn dime when sports gambling, maybe finding an alternative way to bet is your best chance at walking away with some cash. Take a look at these and maybe they'll be something you'll throw some money on.

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Scroll down to see our favorite Super Bowl prop bets for this year.