The Mystery Behind The Hidden 'Super Mario Bros' 4-2 Warp Zone, Explained (Video)

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Even if you aren't the biggest gamer on the planet, there's a strong possibility that you've played Super Mario Bros. at some point in your life. We mean, come on, it's easily one of the most successful games in video game history. That said, there's still a lot of hidden gems about the classic game that not everybody knows about. By "not everybody", we mean those of you who don't live on gaming subreddits or YouTube channels, like the one below posted by Summoning Salt.

In the 20-minute post below, Summoning Salt walks you through the subterranean Super Mario Bros. 4-2 warp zone. It's a level with a hidden vine that allows you to jump directly to level 6, 7, or 8. Initially, the 4-2 was just a shortcut, but as popularity grew, "speed runners" became obsessed. Which makes total sense, guys, 'cause it's pretty freakin' cool. If you're not already aware, speed runners are sort of a subdivision of gamers who make it a point to complete a video game as quickly as possible. We know what you're thinking, but, don't be hater, everyone's got a hobby.

Think of the video below as a history lesson in something you'll actually enjoy learning about, OK? And who knows, maybe you'll take up speed running too.

Pretty awesome, right? We haven't seen that much dedication since, well, watching the Winter Olympics last night, but, still, it's cool nonetheless. As far as realistic goals are concerned, we can see ourselves completing the 4-2 in 30 seconds long before we can see ourselves luging. But, hey! Who knows. Stranger things have happened.

Lead Image via YouTube/Summoning Salt

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