Surf Goddess Ellie-Jean Coffey Acts Out The Slo-Mo 'Baywatch' Run And, Uh, Were You Saying Something?

If there's one lady we'd really like to hang out with for just a few hours in our lifetime, it'd probably be Australian surfer and total smokeshow Ellie-Jean Coffey, who never disappoints us in her quest to absolutely dominate on social media.

In addition to being a kick-ass surf goddess who is cooler and more handy with a board than any of us could even imagine, the 22-year-old Ellie also happens to have one of the most insane bodies on the planet, boasting a booty that can only be described as, well, distracting... to say the least.

Often showing it off, Ellie-Jean Coffey doesn't just turn around for the camera and just flaunt it by her lonesome self. Oh, no, she convinces her equally sexy younger sister, Holly-Daze Coffey, to join. This is some sort of double trouble, gentlemen.

Anyway, Ellie decided that, in the spirit of the new Baywatch movie on the cusp of being released, she'd slip on a red bathing suit and reenact that classic, slo-mo run on the beach. To no one's surprise, it turned out so F'in hot.

Ah, yes, Ellie-Jean Coffey knows she's gorgeous, talented and fun, so why hold all those solid traits back from us? Lucky for us, she doesn't!

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