6 Survival Tips We All Believe That Are Actually Bullsh*t

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If there's one thing we all know, it's that walking away from something like a bear or shark attack would be absolutely epic. While we never hope any of us are in that predicament, if it does happen to you, there are some things you need to know in order to come away unscathed.

Do you really punch a shark in the nose during an attack? Is playing dead if a bear comes after you really the best chance at survival? Thanks to some in-depth research from This Is Insider—who spoke with a number of survival experts to figure out what's myth and what's fact, we all know the truth!

Suck The Venom Out After A Snakebite

We've all heard that this is the most effective way to overcome a snakebite, with most of us believing it's the proper way to avoid worse damage. But, guess what, it's not what you're supposed to do. According to the This Is Insider piece, putting your mouth on the bite will only add extra bacteria to the bloodstream where the venom is. Even riskier, the venom can get into the other person's mouth and both people will be doomed. Instead, keep the heart rate down for the bitten and hold the limb below heart level.

Always Play Dead When A Bear Attacks

Bears are enormous animals who are as unpredictable as they are curious. So, if you're ever face-to-face with one in the woods, it's believed that a person should play dead in order to confuse the bear into thinking we're not a threat. Well, depending on the circumstance, make sure you fight back. If it's a defensive attack to protect their cubs, sure, playing dead by covering your head and neck is the way to go. But, if it's a predatory attack, never just lay there, fight like hell.

You Immediately Need A Food Supply If Stranded In The Wilderness

You can survive up to six weeks without food, guys, so this one is an absolute myth—even if you do think those stomach rumblings mean you need pizza at this very moment. Rather than look for food, find yourself some safe water to drink and get shelter to help protect yourself from dangerous natural elements.

Punch A Shark In The Nose If Attacked

We told you about this one just the other day, so we'll be as short and sweet as possible. Landing a punch on a shark's nose is going to be tough as they try to bite you, so, instead, try going for its eyes or rip at its gills.

Cactus Fluid Can Save You From Dying Of Thirst

We've definitely all heard this one before, with people believing that stored water inside a cactus can rescue them from dehydration. Sure, that may be the case for those experienced adventurers who can pick out the proper cactus with filtered water, but, for the rest of us, we should avoid it. Most of the time, cactus fluid will make us sick, which can lead to vomiting and taking out other liquids in your body that you need to survive.

If An Animal Eats Something, It's OK For You To Eat, Too

Just because an animal eats wild fruits, nuts or other things that human beings tend to believe are "natural", that doesn't mean we should even try. That's right, these animals might be able to handle rare berries and mushrooms, but, in some cases, they would kill a person. So, yeah, don't go eating what your pet bird Petey's chowing on.

You can read some of the other survival tips over at This Is Insider.

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