Sushi Model Attacks Man For Putting His Chopsticks Where They Don't Belong (Video)

Image Via Facebook/Shanghaiist

While the idea of eating sushi off a semi-naked female may be appealing to some (i.e. men who like sushi), I've gotta say—it's not for me—never tried it, don't need to, don't want to. I like sushi, don't get me wrong, it's just...well, I don't particularly care for my raw tuna with a side of vagina. But, to each their own, I always say!

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a delicious and avant garde dining experience turned sour, when a man decided to stick his chopsticks where the sun don't shine!! Take a look—



The video goes from 0-100 pretty quickly, making it difficult to see exactly what the horn-dog customer did. You do see a quick flash of the chopsticks hovering around the model's no-no place, which is exactly what I believe caused her to pounce. I understand that she's on display, but she's not on the menu. Of course, leave it to a man to confuse those two concepts. If it were me, I would have grabbed some chopsticks of my own to see how he liked them hovering around his wee-bits. I bet he wouldn't have thought it was so sexy then.

There's a more official report as per, Shanghaiist—"According to Sina News [a Chinese publication], the incident occurred at a restaurant in the always classy city of Taiyuan which featured a grand feast laid out on a series of tables, along with on one woman, who had more sushi than clothing covering her body. In the clip, the model is seen sitting up and arguing with one male customer who she accused of having done something "unspeakable" with his chopsticks. She then pounces at him and gives him a shove before the clip ends."

Lead Image via Facebook/Shanghaiist

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