Badass Crossovers That Make You Look Cooler Than 'Just' A Soccer Dad

While doing my usual internet perusing, I came across this article on The Verge featuring one dope-looking crossover SUV called the Jaguar E-Pace. I especially appreciate that it was noted to be a car for millennial couples. I think it's pretty awesome when companies are able to combine the classic with the modern, in order to keep up with The Joneses. Of course, we are talking about Jaguar here, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They're about as sleek as any car company can get—with the exception of Mercedes Benz. I love me a nice Benz! #SorryNotSorry.

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Anyway, it got me thinking. Considering the old school portrait of a soccer mom driving a minivan has sort of vanished in modern society, what is the new status quo? Well, from what I've seen, moms and dads alike are sharing the brunt of transporting the kiddies to school, activities, playdates, lessons—you know, basically all over kingdom come—and thusly, the car needs to reflect masculinity and power, but also convenience.

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As The Verge so nicely put it—"So who might be interested in buying a Jaguar E-Pace? Jaguar thinks this will be the ideal car for a young couple, people who probably have no other vehicle and who want to maximize the return on their spending in terms of stowage space, modern connectivity, and attractive design." However, this beautiful whip doesn't exactly come cheap. With pricing beginning at $38,600, the average couple may not be able to afford one outright.

In that capacity, I thought it best to include a whole variety of cars, from various manufacturers, both foreign and domestic (if you're in The States) at various price points. When shopping for a vehicle, especially one for a family, it's important to do your due diligence. If we can make that process slightly simpler, all the better! Happy car hunting, folks!

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