Sylvester Stallone Drops More Never-Before-Seen-Pics From 'Rocky' (And They're Awesome)

Image via Instagram

In anticipation of the 40th anniversary of the film Rocky last year—which occurred in November—actor Sylvester Stallone was randomly posting things to his Instagram account that revealed some never-before-seen images from the flick.

Well, just because Rocky is turning 41 this year, doesn't mean Sly has held back from giving us more behind-the-scenes images, as he recently posted other pics with descriptions that have us excited.

Stallone's description of the Hulk Hogan photo is awesome, as the former wrestling legend—who makes an appearance in Rocky III and, according to Stallone, even put three guys in the hospital—is holding Stallone above his head like he were a 10-pound bowling ball.

All this does is give us another reason why we want to binge-watch the entire Rocky series this weekend.


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