Sylvester Stallone's Workout And Diet Plan From 'Rocky' Was Mega Intense

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We all go to the gym to hope that we can get that toned or ripped body we aspire to, but, unfortunately, even with all the time on the treadmill and/or lifting weights, we tend to cheat by eating like crap.

But a man who redefined the word "intense" when it comes to staying in shape is actor Sylvester Stallone—who is known for being a complete badass in movies like Rocky and Rambo—and here's the workout program and diet Sly used while filming those movies.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings: (Chest, Back, and Abs Workout)

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Afternoon: (Shoulders, Arms, and Abs Workout)

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning: (Calves and Thighs Workout)

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Afternoon: (Rear Deltoids, Traps, and Abs Workout)

I mean, damn, talk about a freak of nature, right? If there's such thing as workout fatigue, it's clear that Sylvester Stallone has never experienced it.

To couple with all that work in the gym, here's what Stallone's diet looked like, per Born To Workout.

  • Pre-breakfast: A glass of liquid aminos
  • Breakfast: 3 egg whites, half yoke, Irish oatmeal, toasted pumpernickel bread, fresh papaya, few figs
  • Lunch: Roasted summer squash, broiled skinless chicken, salad, figs or berries
  • Dinner: Salad, broiled fish, high-fibre toasted bread; occasionally eats veal

Teaming up with a former Mr. Olympia, Franco Columbu, to help get him absolutely shredded, here's the thought process that Sly used while preparing his body for his roles as Rocky Balboa and John Rambo, per Pop Workouts.

“I had to charge Sly a good amount for the training because he wanted to train full out, just as if he were preparing for the Mr. Olympia contest,” Columbu told Pop Workouts. “That meant two workouts a day, six days a week. I had to drop almost everything else in order to concentrate on getting him in the best shape of his life.”

As you can see, becoming an A-list actor takes more than just on-screen presence and the skills to act, it takes a commitment to become whatever role a person is cast in—and Sylvester Stallone didn't skip steps in preparing himself for any of his.


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