Squash Everything You Thought About The T. Rex, Science Says They Weren't Predators

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Now, as a kid, I was a pretty big museum nerd. I loved playing outdoors and all that jazz, but as far as chubby kids go, I was their queen and thigh chaffing just isn't a good time. Museums offered an educational, air conditioned alternative. It was a win-win all-around. Dinosaurs in particular fascinated me quite a bit. So much so, that I probably killed a few thousand brain cells playing Jurassic Park on Sega genesis for God knows how many hours at a time.


Admittedly my favorite dinosaur was a Brontosaurus, maybe a Raptor if I was feeling feisty, but never a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I wasn't feeling the short arms/absolutely terrifying look—just wasn't for me. Turns out, while the short arms are 100% accurate, the T. Rex wasn't nearly as scary as history formerly believed. As per History

"Published in the journal PeerJ, the research team—led by Professor William Sellers—used a computer simulation to assess the muscles and skeletal strength of this massive animal to determine its gait."

Okay, let's pause for a second, can you imagine how cool it must be to study dinosaurs for a living? What am I doing writing for the internet?! Then again, it's sort of sad to study something your whole life that you have absolutely, zero-percent chance of meeting, ever. Kind of like when I write about The Kardashians. They're not extinct, just way too outta reach for my peasant-self. Anyway, History continues—

"This study sheds new light on the hunting capabilities and lifestyle of the iconic dinosaur; changing what scientists, and the general public, thought they knew about the T. rex. 'That means that T. rex was actually quite slow and therefore not a pursuit predator,' Professor Sellers told BBC News. 'Running would have been impossible because its skeleton just isn’t strong enough.”

To read the full study, head HERE

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