Taco Bell's Starting To Serve Loaded Fries In The U.S., So Go Ahead And Crave Fourth Meal Tonight

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Who would ever think that Taco Bell could get even better? I mean, there isn't a human being on this planet who doesn't believe tasty tacos and cheesy, crunchy Mexican concoctions are ever a bad decision—even if they're always bad for you.

But, since Taco Bell is the king of fast-food joints, the chain recently announced that they're testing loaded french fries in the United States, serving the world-renowned side in at least one Irvine, Ca. location, where Taco Bell's headquarters are.

And for you food porn fat kids out there, like myself, here's what Taco Bell's Loaded Fries look like.

According to Business Insider, the fries can be served simply with "habanero" seasoning or loaded with all the toppings of the chain's Nachos Supreme, minus beans: beef, tomatoes, nacho cheese, sour cream, and additional add-ons like guacamole, bacon, and jalapeño peppers.

The fries are available at various locations around the world, with the price being just 50 cents for a basket of them, and only $2 for the "Bell Grande" loaded version.

Added Taco Bell spokeswoman Laura Nedbal, via *Business Insider, "We've tested fries in the U.S. previously. We're always looking for new items to test, so if we see a good fit for a particular region, we would never say never to testing them again."

While many of us only think of tacos, burritos and those damn cinnamon twists that we always seem to chow on, loaded french fries at Taco Bell are a reality now—and we hope they catch on and pop up in locations near us soon.

Business Insider

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