Taiwan's Strongest Grandpa, 72-Years-Young, Could Run Circles Around Your Lazy-Ass

Image Via Asia Wire

When I come across article like this, I've gotta say, it makes me feel worse about myself than Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini.

This man is 72-years-old and conceivably in better shape than me. No, not conceivably. Most definitely in better shape than me. Granted he seems to really work for it and I don't, which is most likely where the discrepancy lies.

According to the Daily Mail —"This elderly man has been dubbed Taiwan's strongest grandfather as well as a 'Real-life Master Roshi' after a video of his incredible gym routine went viral. Huang Ching-hsin, 72, is the super-fit grandpa from a clip now viewed millions of times on social media sites. He hits the gym whenever he is taking time out from being a farmer in Pingtung, in south-western Taiwan.

Ugh, even worse! Buff and social media famous?! Some people really do have it all, amirite? Go ahead and take a look at the video that went viral. It's pretty darn impressive, so it's really no mystery as to why it's gained so much attention.

So logistically, what kind of weight can this dude lift? I mean after all, he is SEVENTY-TWO. Turns out, a helluva lot— "Mr Ching-hsin is said to be able to bench press 264lbs. Since the clip went viral the Taiwanese have named him the real-life version of Master Roshi - the bald, white-bearded, turtle shell-wearing martial arts master from Japan's popular cartoon, Dragon Ball." D'aw, that's actually really cute, I bet this whole thang is really humbling for him. Kudos, Mr. Ching! Keep living your best life!

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