Tampa Bay Bucs Veterans Prank Rookies With A Steakhouse Bill Worth More Than Your Car

Image Via Instagram/dsmith_76

Until roughly 30 seconds ago I didn't realize it was common practice for NFL veterans to force rookies to buy them lavish meals before they earn their keep. I mean, shouldn't it be the other way around? Forget all that pay your dues, hazing BS. Rookies are rookies! They aren't rolling in the dough like the old dudes just yet, cut them some freakin' slack. Am I being too sensitive? Perhaps.

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I just sorta despise that whole fraternity, pseudo-brotherhood crap. Like, please explain to me why dressing up like a dildo and chugging a gallon of milk while man-children scream "do it, pledge scum" earns you respect? Hm, wait....my issue definitely isn't with The NFL or its veterans. It's with Frat Stars. Let's carry on, shall we? According to Bleacher Report

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"Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times tweeted a screenshot from Donovan Smith's Instagram story of a $26,357.31 steakhouse bill the offensive linemen accrued for rookies Korren Kirven and Cole Gardner to pay. "

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Upon further investigation — done by someone on Twitter, obviously. It seemed the whole bill was just a joke. It's both adorable and saddening that the rookies didn't realize this immediately based on the 10-freakin'-thousand dollars worth of cognac, but I digress. Bleacher Report continues —

"According to ESPN.com's Jenna Laine, the veterans picked up the actual $3,000 tab. A Ruth's Chris Steak House manager confirmed the restaurant's participation. 'We didn't have to pay for anything,' Kirven told Laine. 'We were shocked at first when we saw the bill. We thought we weren't gonna make it."

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