11 Women On Instagram With Big Ol'....Net Worths

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Here at FHM we're big fans of strong, powerful, and of course, beautiful women! Gone are the days where ladies are sanctioned to cleaning the bathroom and watching over a roast in the oven. Don't get it twisted, we like clean bathrooms and roasts for dinner, it's just not 1950 anymore, dudes can to that stuff to, ya know?

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That being said, we started to notice that quite a few of the ladies we admire in our top-notch daily Girl Galleries happen to be, well, in a few words? WEALTHY AF. I'm not talking wealthy by association, I'm talking about independent wealth, I'm talking NET WORTH. I capitalize net worth because the term in and of itself exudes such prestige. Also, I'm sure my net worth is about 3 dollars so, there's that.

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When it comes to careers, these women run the gamut, from makeup moguls to pop star sensations, no two are quite alike. Eh, except for Kim and Kylie, they're basically identical at this point. NOT complaining, just observing! Speaking of another observation, a few of these gals aren't what you'd consider "conventionally beautiful". With that, we'll reiterate a line we use quite often: We champion all body types—thin, thick, tall, short, it doesn't matter. Female beauty holds no bounds from where we sit.

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Beyoncé —$105 Million

Adele — $69 Million

Kim Kardashian West — $45.5 Million

Taylor Swift —$44 Million

Kylie Jenner — $41 Million

Sofia Vergara — $41 Million

Jennifer Lopez — $38 Million

Amy Schumer — $37.5 Million

Rihanna — $36 Million

Britney Spears —$34 Million

Katy Perry —$33 Million

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