Teacher Fired After Getting Drunk On A School Trip And Doing Dirty Things With Two Male Students

Image via The Sun/Deadline News

Just when you thought you've heard it all about teacher behaving badly, a woman like 49-year-old Gillian Rew comes along and blows your damn mind away—because this is some pretty wild stuff, guys.

Rew, who was the headteacher at a British school, decided that consuming eight glasses of wine on a school trip was good idea. She didn't stop there, though, because, while drunk, she told a pupil he was “too sexy” before eating crisps from between her boobs, per The Sun.

A hearing, whose findings were released today, heard Rew had “improper contact” with pupils on the weekend away in Lockerbie.

She was suspended and later fired from her £74,000-a-year post at Arbroath High School after a parent complained.

Oh, but it gets even weirder, because Rew got a second student involved, too, telling another boy that his body was "too sexy."

She accepted that she used inappropriate language, including swearing, and told a male pupil to “put his body away as it was too sexy”.

Rew also “held her breasts and made comments about them, entered pupils’ bedrooms, ate crisps and sweets and thereafter reached into her top to take crisps from between her breasts.”

While drunk on the class trip, students took notice, even posting to social media about their teacher's wild actions.

Following her termination as the headteacher, Ms. Rew accepted the punishment and is hoping to salvage her teaching registration.

“My days of leading a school are gone. The most I would hope would be to retain my teaching registration.”

Something tells me that probably won't happen, but, who knows, maybe some school is desperate to hire this party girl to educate their students?

H/T The Sun