Girl Absolutely Loses It After Catching Her Stepdad And Friend 'Making Moves'

Image Via YouTube/tocatchacheater

Frankly speaking, I think a YouTube channel like, To Catch a Cheater is incredibly distasteful and I write about BOOBS for 90% of the day. If I'M using the word distasteful that's really saying something.

Unlike To Catch a Predator, which was a television program entrapping pedophiles, this particular brand of "scheming" doesn't really provide any justice for those involved. Sure, people may be relieved to find out the truth (when they're done going apes-hit) but I just happen to think cheating is far more complex than a simple exchange of body fluids and to publicize it on camera just seems wrong.

That being said, this video is f'cking hilarious! I'm sorry, I know, I know, hypocritical—I just needed to get my moral-driven rant out of the way before delving into the good stuff! Take a look:



Alright, so obviously that was some Grade A teenage girl meltdown material—ah, it gives me such pleasant flashbacks of my own youth. Anyway, here's the backstory according to The Daily Star—"Christina felt her stepdad 'stared inappropriately' at friends and so enlisted the help of popular YouTube channel [To Catch a Cheater] to see how he would react to her 18-year-old classmate, Tara."

I get it! It's creepy to have a dad (especially step) who stares creepily at your friends, but that's usually all it is—staring. Most parents aren't depraved enough to actually make a move. However, if you're gonna throw a pretty, blonde cheerleader at someone who isn't even biologically responsible for you, WTF do you expect?? Sure, she was a minor and sure, it's highly frowned upon, but the dad's reaction was far from surprising. In fact, had he turned her down or at the very least, not flirted with her, I would have been far more floored. This clip, while hilarious, could have easily been titled, "Watch Middle Aged Dad Do What Any Middle Aged Dad Would Do After Being Hit On By Pretty Teenage Cheerleader."

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