Man Reveals His Teeth After Decades Of No Brushing, And We Promise, It's Scarier Than Going To The Dentist

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Personally, I was never really afraid of going to the dentist. Did I love it? No, but it was mostly just one of those annoying hygiene obligations that my mother insisted was necessary—like bathing daily or washing your hands after you pee.

I do however know plenty of folks who are petrified of the dentist, to this day, and I'm 25-years-old. Despite not sharing in the fear, I do understand it. There's sharp objects darting in and out of your mouth and poking at your gums, causing you to bleed—NO MATTER HOW HEALTHY YOUR GUMS ARE!! That used to make me so mad. The dentist would always insist that my gums would bleed less if I did a better job at cleaning them. Well, buddy, I was doing a fine job—you're just a sadist, how's that??

Anyway, scary or not, the dentist is necessary. Otherwise, you may just end up looking like this interesting dude, who decided he'd forgo brushing his teeth for two decades, because f'ck it, right?

As per Unilad, a 21-year-old gentleman by the name of Jay was featured on a program called, Embarrassing Bodies where he described how he got into this foul-mouthed predicament—

"Over the years, I’ve eaten the wrong food, I’ve drank lots of fizzy drinks and I haven’t really taken care of them, I have really brushed them or flossed or anything like that."


"Although Jay would have to lose around 11 teeth, it was found that the roots of his teeth were surprisingly healthy, making him suitable for dental implants, a high tech alternative to dentures."

Ah, the medical community (if you want to count dentistry as the medical community) has the potential to do such amazing things for people in need. I mean, sure, Jay went ahead and ruined his teeth completely of his own volition, but why not reward him with brand new teeth in the name of reality television??

To see Jay's end result transformation, head HERE

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