The 11 Best 'Texts From An Ex' On The Internet Will Have You Embracing The Single-Life Like A Champ

It used to be that you could date someone, they'd ruin your life, break your heart, walk away, and you'd never have to see or hear from them ever again. Ah, such beautiful, simple times. That's obviously no longer the case being that there's about 567898765 different ways you can keep track of, and or contact, an ex—social media being the most prominent, but of course, texting is always the most classic option—perfect for all hours of day and night!

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The scariest part about texting an ex nowadays has very little to do with their response and more to do with who they share it with! Seriously people, there's accounts dedicated to this shit. Nothing you say is safe! Especially to someone who most likely already hates your lying, stinking, cheating guts.

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Of course, I have no problem with people sharing the wealth. How else am I supposed to feel better about myself if not by laughing at other people's pain, guilt, and shame!? These are the best texts from an ex I could find on the internet. Please, enjoy!

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Personally, I LOVE the ones that go back and forth. I mean, sure, ignoring an ex is ideal but tearing into their soul and crushing their spirit completely is so much more satisfying, don't you think? I guarantee every therapist, every where, would recommend not taking that advice. Good thing I'm not a therapist then, huh? Frankly speaking, if someone breaks your heart, I don't think it's always necessary to be the "bigger man." Sometimes it's okay to revert to your baser instincts and make them cry! Do your thang, folks.

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