Seeing The Amount Of Exercise It Takes To Burn Off A Thanksgiving Feast Is Beyond Depressing

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We're well aware that Thanksgiving dinner is one of the most indulgent meals anyone eats all year and in moderation, indulgence is OK! In fact, It's pretty commonplace to shove turkey, stuffing, wine, pie, and maybe a vegetable or two in your mouth in a matter of minutes with no shame. The question remains however, how many calories are you really consuming? Is the binge-eating worth it or are you really doing too much harm to repair?

In the battle of man vs. food, Thanksgiving dinner generally reigns supreme. Why? Because even if you get through the meal without passing out, the amount of exercise it's going to take you to burn off those calories just might kill you! Don't believe us? Take a look. According to USA TODAY:

"About 3,000 calories, on average. Maybe 4,500. And perhaps 230 grams of fat, about three sticks’ worth of butter. That’s per the Calorie Control Council, a trade group that studies Thanksgiving gluttony. That estimate includes a slate of appetizers and sides. And while precise meals, portions and calorie counts vary, one can easily hit the 3,000 mark with the aid of second helpings.

But if you hope to burn off your gravy-laden sins with exercise, get ready. It could take a while. Walking off a 3,000-calorie feast takes about nine hours for a 180-pound adult. Jogging off one takes about five. Four and a half hours of jumping rope does the same."

That's actual insanity! 3,000 calories in a single meal? Woof. That's America at its finest, alright. Again, eating like this every once in awhile is OK, but c'mon, the older you get, the harder you fall. It might be in your best interest to take a little easier tomorrow than you normally would. If anything, just try and keep it under six servings, yeah? And if you need a little health and fitness advice, we've got you covered.

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