The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Is Being Served In New York City (And Costs A Whopping $76k)

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Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday full of gratitude and while we'd be grateful to be able to drop $76,000 on anything, we hardly think spending it on the country's most expensive Thanksgiving dinner is worth it! Then again, after checking out the description of this meal, we were floored! You will quite literally be eating like a king!

So, maybe it is worth it? Will let you guys decide. Just know, in order to snag this meal you'll have to make a reservation for a minimum of 10 people. If you plan on footing the bill, you better choose those people wisely! According to Fortune:

"New York City’s Old Homestead Steakhouse is serving America’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner at a price tag of $76,000. The dinner includes gravy with turkey renderings and Pappy Van Winkle bourbon ($3,300), sweet potatoes with Caspian Sea caviar ($1,600/oz.), mashed potatoes with Swedish moose cheese ($455/lb.), butternut squash with black truffles, and an orange cranberry sauce made with whole cranberries infused with Grand Marnier, aged balsamic vinegar ($60/oz.), and wine.

The turkey ($105/lb.) is covered with spices and served alongside a smoked cured bacon slab of Japanese imported pork ($225/lb.), orange marmalade glaze with Dekopon oranges ($75/orange), and special reserve Grand Marnier ($1,800/bottle).

The table also includes mixed berries with a 1968 champagne sabayon cream sauce, king oysters ($100 each), stuffing with Japanese Prized Wagyu beef ($475/lb.), foie gras ($54/lb.), and sourdough bread ($46 a loaf), and Wagyu beef lollipops with a peppercorn sauce made from special reserve Louis XII cognac ($4,800/bottle)."

See what we're saying? It'll cost you and arm and a leg, but will you ever eat better than that in your entire life? We don't think so. Not surprisingly, it's the booze that takes up a good chunk of the cost. We can't possible understand why Louis XII cognac is $4,800 a bottle! Is it made with unicorn tears?

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