Finally, A Thanksgiving Drinking Game To Get You Through The Longest Meal Of Your Life

As much as we love colonization and gluttony (ya know, all the things that make us 'Muricans), we dread Thanksgiving dinner and sometimes wish there was a drinking game to get us through it. After all, there's nothing like alcohol to help with family drama, political debates, and inevitable heartburn. If you're also not looking forward to spending an entire day chillin' with your family and listening to them talk about tryptophan, we created the ultimate Thanksgiving drinking game that'll get you so drunk, you won't even care when your parents start badgering you about your career choice.

The instructions are easy AF. Simply take a sip or a huge gulp every time any of the below scenarios happen during the meal. For situations that are the most annoying or rare, you must finish your damn drink — the whole thing. But be careful, pace yourself, and don't get too drunk. After all, you're with family. But hey, they've already seen you at your worst anyway. Check out the gallery below to play the best Thanksgiving drinking game — ever.