Drive By Dining: The 10 Best Food Trucks In The U.S.

We don't hide our love of food porn here at FHM and frankly, you shouldn't either. So long as you consume it in moderation, food is the greatest thing EVER. Unlike sex, drugs, and rock and roll—it's got a pretty wholesome, widely-accepted following and generally won't get you fired, kicked out of a bar, or sent to rehab (yes, I've seen My 600-lb Life, hence mentioning moderation).

Most of the time, people frequent restaurants or do their cooking at home. Well, we're here to add another alternative to your dining list and it's food trucks!! Food trucks have been on a steady rise for a few years and it appears the craze isn't going to be dying down anytime soon. Unlike gourmet cupcake shops—food trucks actually make sense (I love me a good cupcake, but seriously, it was getting to be too much).

It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to JUST 10, especially because we love to cover a wide spectrum of regions in The U.S., but the people of the internet and social media at large have spoken and these are the 10 best eateries in Food Truck nation—

To see more food porn worthy pics of mac and cheese, donuts, and everything in between, take a look at the gallery below!

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